We will teach you the correct running technique in 3 weeks of trainings in your area. You will build a new habit and learn how to run with pleasure. Trainings are held in small groups. You have the flexibility to decide the program's cost.
The "21 day" Program Includes
Teaching the Theory and Technique of Running
Friendly Atmosphere
Motivation and Support
Controlling Your Runs
Positive Mood Throughout the Day
Ways to Improve Futher

During 3 weeks time, a professional trainer will tell you the entire theoretical basis, teach you how to warm up and breathe correctly during training, and will monitor your running technique. Only 45 minutes a day in the morning. During training: warming up, running for 10-15 minutes and stretching. During first days, we set the technique and monitor breathing. Then for 2 weeks you train every weekday with a trainer. The during the third week and weekends, you run independently reporting in the chat.
We bring together people of different ages (from 18 to 60), united by the desire to be healthy and athletic. We value a comfortable atmosphere in the team and a positive attitude. We build communication on mutual respect and trust in the coach's advice.
We will tell you how not to give up halfway and instill you with self-confidence. Plus, our supportive team will ensure you stay motivated and committed until the end!
Joint runs with the group are held on weekdays for the first two weeks. The trainer fully controls your runs and monitors the correct running technique. On weekends and the third week, you run on your own. The trainer is always available in the chat, you can ask him any questions that come up.
Running gives you a boost of energy and strength that will carry you through the entire day. In addition, it has been scientifically proven that running increases the level of endorphins in the blood by 5 times, causing a state of happiness. A good mood until the next run is guaranteed!
After completing the 21 Day program, you can continue to work on our Confident Running program. With this program, you will be able to set a running goal, become more immersed in running, learn its intricacies, burn more calories and get a more graceful body shape. You will be able to prepare for 5-10 km runs. And over time, for 21 km and 42 km
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Time and Location
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Место встречи:
Парк первого президента. Встречаемся у входа
5:40 — 1-я группа
6:20 — 2-я группа
7:05 — 3-я группа
Develop the skill of running regularly
and enjoying it
Find out what to do before and after a run to quickly restore your body
You will understand that a 45-minute workout can be fitted into any schedule
Get the boost of energy from the very morning and start a new favorite hobby
Learn proper running technique under the guidance of a trainer in an area convenient for you
Get in shape, add physical activity to your life and improve your health
You will join a friendly team, make new friends, receive support and motivation
You will learn that the change of seasons is not an obstacle to running
Cost of the program: donation at the last lesson with the trainer.

Donation — you pay as much as you think is necessary.

We give you the first 4 days to try it out — you can leave without paying if you don’t like it. If you come to the 5th lesson, then the fact of payment is already mandatory. You choose the amount yourself.

For those who care how much they usually pay, we inform you that the recommended payment for the entire program is ______ This is the average payment for participants. You can pay both more and less.
Focus on the benefits received from the program.

Important: before the start, you pay a deposit of ______

This is a confirmation of your desire to study. If you don’t like the classes during the first 4 trial days, we will return _____ to you.


About the Project
This is a community of health running enthusiasts.

We will teach you how to run correctly, without injuries and with pleasure. We will tell you how and where to start and introduce you to like-minded people.
Q & A//// True or False?
Q & A
A slim, fit body and a sporty figure. Running speeds up metabolism, provides a good sports load and burns extra calories.
Healthy Heart: Running trains the heart muscle, reducing the risk of strokes and heart disease.
Strong immune system. Running enhances the body's defense forces, and helps withstand most common colds.
Sound sleep. Regular running outside helps you fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly.
Positive mindset. Running helps the body produce endorphins - hormones of joy that stop depression and improve mood.
Achievement Bonus


Once certain conditions are met, each participant receives a real medal from the "Running with Pleasure" project.

It will remind you of your activity, the efforts made over 3 weeks and endless faith in yourself.

The award ceremony and presentation of medals takes place at the end of the program at the 21st graduation run.
Please be careful. We do not accept those who:
- those under 18,
- those who smoke,
- pregnant women (at any period),
- in the postpartum period up to 12 months,
- with heart disease, joint disease, etc.

For the first three classes, it is not essential that the clothes are. You don’t have to run to the store to start training. Just come wearing any sports clothes you have. And then, the trainer will definitely give you some guidance. But if you want to buy a new sports uniform, here are some tips for you:
Why 21 days?
In the 1950s, plastic surgeon Maxwell Maltz noticed that his patients got used to their new face after surgery in about 3 weeks. He wrote a book called Psycho-Cybernetics, in which he claimed that it takes “at least 21 days” to form a habit.

We don’t know if this story has anything to do with running, but we do know that any skill is developed by repeated actions with positive emotions.

The results are obvious: 62% of participants continue to run 3-4 times a week after completing the program.

Are you ready to spend 21 days to build a new healthy habit for life?
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Our students' stories

Success stories of those who once applied for the 21 Day program in exactly the same way
How To Take Part?
Choose your area, convenient time for classes and register here.
The project coordinator will contact you within 24 hours. He will send you the exact meeting place and other organizational details.
You run for 21 days under the supervision of a professional trainer.
Run on your own whenever you want. Easily. With pleasure.
E-mail: running.with.pleasure9@gmail.com
Adress: ТОО «Бег с Удовольствием»
Алматы, 2-й мкр-н, 40Г